Multiactive Tour 2

9 Days | Bishkek, Kuiruchuk, Son-Kul, Bokombaev, Altyn, Skazka, Arashan, Karakol


Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country in Central Asia, bordering Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The mountainous region of the Tian Shan covers over 80% of the country (Kyrgyzstan is occasionally referred to as (The Switzerland of Central Asia, as a result) with the remainder made up of valleys and basins. Bishkek in the north is the capital and largest city. The second city is the ancient town of Osh, located in Fergana Valley near the border with Uzbekistan. Yssyk – Kul lake in the north – eastern Tian Shan is the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan and the second largest mountain lake in the world after Titicaca.

Program day by day:
1 Day/Airport – Bishkek

Meeting from airport. Transfer to hotel. Free time


2 Day/Bishkek – Kuiruchuk

Transfer to Kuiruchuk village on the way we stop and trekking to Konorchek canyon. The amazing landscape of Konorchek canyons resemble the Grand Canyon in the USA, but at the same time they carry a significant particle of the unique nature of Kyrgyzstan. It's a fabulous place located 125 km from the capital of the country, in Boom gorge (Trekking 3 - 4 hours). Lunch in Boom gorge. Arrival Kuiruchuk village. Dinner. Overnight in Guesthouse.


3 Day/. Kuiruchuk– Song kol lake

After breakfast we start horseback riding to Song kol lake. On the way you can see beautiful mountains and beards.  Picnic Shilbill Ashuu pass. Tuz ashuu pass 3400 m above sea level. Dinner. Overnight in yurt.


4 Day/. Song Kol lake – Kuiruchuk

After breakfast back to horseback riding Kuiruchuk village. Today you can take a shower and walking around village. And for the dinner provide Kyrgyz national meals Manty. Overnight Guesthouse.

5 Day/Kuiruchuk– Bokonbaevo – Skazka canyon – Karakol

Today we go to Issyk Kul lake. One of the biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan. On the way we visit to Bokonbaevo where is living eagle hunters. Here you can make good pictures with eagle. Lunch in Bokonbaevo. After we go to Skazka canyon, Spend few hours. Go to karakol. Dinner. Overnight in Guesthouse. 


6 Day/. Karakol – Altyn Arashan hot spring

After breakfast transfer 1 hour to outside of Karakol .After we start Trekking to Altyn Arashan. Picnic on the way. Altyn-Arashan gorge is famous for its hot springs located at the altitude of about 2600 m. As early as in Soviet times there was built a small resort with several houses for tourists. It is located on the bank of the mountain river Arashan, almost in the center of the gorge.The water in the springs of Altyn-Arashan are enriched with radon and has a temperature of 50°C. Here you can take a radon bath, which has a therapeutic effect on the human body. By the way, radon baths are very useful for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Dinner. Overnight in Guesthouse.


7 Day/Altyn Arashan - Karakol

A leisure morning at Altyn-Arashan, explore the surroundings. Later, trek down to the foothill, then transfer by car back to Karakol. Free time to explore the town, such as visit local market, Dungan Mosque, stroll around the old residential quarters to admire wooden architecture. Overnight in Karakol Guesthouse.

8 Day/Karakol – Burana tower – Bishkek

Today we go to Capital of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek. 6-7 hours by car. On the way we visit to Burana tower. Burana Tower is located in 12 km south-west from the city of Tokmak and is one of the oldest structures on the territory of Central Asia (the minaret of the mosque Jami , late 10th the beginning of the 11th century), where in structural anddecorative details can be traced practices of pre-Islamic architecture. Arrival in Bishkek. Dinner in café. Overnight in Hotel.


9 Day/Bishkek city tour – Airport

After breakfast we start city tour. Tour includes in itself the visiting of such places of interest as: Ploshad Pobedy (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Ploshad Ala-Too (Ala-Too square), the History Museum, National philharmonic and many others places upon your request. It is not a real city tour without visiting real central -Asian Bazaar. We will show it for you today and you'll be able to make a lot of photos in there. Osh and Orto-Sai bazaars are very colorful and noisy. People sell there all kinds of goods. Evening back to Airport

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