Karakol 10 Days

7 Days | Bishkek, Ala-Archa, Son-Kul, Naryn, Tash-Rabat, Kuiruchuk
15 Days | Bishkek, Burana, Bashkaindy, Bash Kurgandykol, Chon-Tashkol, Kayirma, Kuiruchuk, Son Kul,  Tash Rabat Caravanserai, Kok Kyia, Kel Suu, Naryn

Program day by day:

Day 1: Airport – Bishkek

Once you arrive in Bishkek we will great you at the airport.  Most flights land at 5 pm you will be able to have a rest at a hotel in Bishkek. Dinner in the restaurant.

Day 2: Bishkek – Chunkurchak

At 10:00 am me and driver will meet you and give you a briefing of the tour and you will be able to have a walk through the city of Bishkek before you head up to the Chunkurchak Ski resort. Once we arrive at the ski resort we will be able to have a fun day of skiing or snowshoeing and many winter activities. If you are more of a trekker than skier it’s also possible to use snowshoes near the ski base. Tonight, you will be accommodated at the ski resort and be able to enjoy dinner with a great view.

Day 3: Chunkurchak – Ala Archa – Chon Kemin

After breakfast, we will be able to make our way to the Ala Archa National Park which is just down the road from the Chunkurchak resort. You will be able to enjoy a short hike in the national park and see a mix of high mountains and Tian Shan Pine trees. The next stop for the day will be in Chong Kemin where you will be able to unpack your bags at your guesthouse for the night. After lunch, we will be able to meet our horseman and enjoy half a day on horseback in the Chong Kemin National park. There is countless spots to enjoy horseback riding in the Chong Kemin National Park in winter.

After horseback riding we will share bottomless cups of tea with your hosts over dinner.

Day 4: Chon Kemin – Bokombaev

After breakfast with hosts, we will make our way to Konorcheck Canyons for a 2-3-hour trek into the dry canyon with great views. The local legend is that you can see statues people in the Konorcheck Canyons. An additional legend, is that it was once a volcano million years ago and that’s why it’s so dry. Winter is the best time to see Konorchek Canyons because of the contrast between the snow and sand. Later in the day you will be able to see the amazing Lake Issyk Kul with its crystal-clear water and countless snow caped peaks all around we. Once we arrive in Bokombaev valley make sure you have your camera ready for a great local experience.  The hosts will share his traditions and techniques of hunting with Golden Eagles. After the sun sets you will be able to enjoy a Kyrgyz national dish with your hosts. Bokombaev area with a great family.

Day 5: Bokombaev – Chon Kyzyl Suu

After breakfast, we will make another hidden valley in Kyrgyzstan. The first stop of the day will be in Skazka canyon where you will be able to enjoy a 1-2-hour hike though the dry canyon.  Everyone loves this stop with the great views of Issyk Kul lake from the top of the sandy rock formations.

The next stop for the day will be in the former Soviet Union Geophysical station in the Chong Kyzyl Suu valley.  This geophysical station is on the real Silk Road that would pass into China from Kyrgyzstan. To reach the geophysical station in winter we will have to hike 6-8 km in the snow. It’s also possible to hike in with snowshoes.

Day 6: Chon Kyzyl Suu

After a strong coffee, We will be able to hike through the valley.  We will go through the Karablkak valley on the southern slopes that are snow free.  Once you reach the top of the ridge we will be able to see the north face of the mountain and its snow-covered valley. We will see stunning snow-covered glaciers and mountains. Lunch will be had in the mountains with your guide. After the hike we will head back to the geophysical station for the night.


Day 7: Chon Kyzyl Suu – Karakol

Morning departure will start with a hike to meet our driver at the bottom of the Chong Kyzyzl Suu valley. The first stop of the day will be at the hot springs in Kyzyzl Suu where you will be able to relax after hike to the nearby mountains. Lunch will be had next to the "Seven Bulls" in the Jeti Oguz valley. It’s a great spot to see the famous red canyons and enjoy a short hike to the panoramic point. The last stop for the day will be in Karakol, where you will be able to enjoy a walk through the small Soviet feeling town. We will explore the vintage orthodox church and the Chinese Dungan Mosque and of course the bazar of Karakol. The city is a great spot to enjoy a coffee and to enjoy countless local dishes at cafes. Once we arrive at your hotel for the night we will relax next to the fire place.

Day 8: Karakol – Cholpon Ata

Today it’s important to get an early start because today is a packed full day of fun winter activities. The first winter activity is skiing at the Karakol Ski base. The ski base has 4 lifts and the top of the ski lift offers a great view of the whole area. Lunch will be had at the ski resort. Then we will go from the ski resort to the north side of Lake Issyk Kul where we will enjoy hot springs. After the hot springs, we will go to Cholpon Ata and have dinner  


Day 9: Cholpon Ata – Burana – Bishkek

After breakfast, enjoy a short walk down to Issyk Kul Lake before go back to Bishkek. The first stop of the day will be at the historical Burana tower where we can see the ancient city of the Balasaugn. It’s a great stop to see a bit of Silk Road History. Then we will stop in Bishkek where you will be able to enjoy a walk thought the city and see a few of the hidden bazars and buy possible gifts for friends back home. Tonight, we will have a farewell dinner with our team before you take a rest at your hotel in Bishkek.


Day 10: Bishkek – Airport

After an early breakfast, everyone will be transferred to the airport.  It’s always a good idea to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight and the drive from Bishkek to the airport takes 45 minutes one way. We hoped your enjoyed your trip to Kyrgyzstan.  There are so many high mountains pass and amazing places to explore. We hope to meet you or your friends one day.




























































































































































































































































































Day 5: Chon Tash Kul – Kuiruchuk

After the breakfast, we take our time for a few hours horse trek. After we take the direction to the Kuiruchuk village. Picnic on the mine road. In afternoon, walking and fishing. On arrival at Kuiruchuk you will see hospitality family where you can watch the process of making Kyrgyz national felt carpets. Dinner and night in Kyrgyz home stay.







Day 6: Kuiruchuk – Son Kul

Transfer to Son-Kul (120 km) in the morning. Son-Kul is one of the highest lakes in Kyrgyzstan (3016 m above sea level). It is a place where you can experience a nomadic life. You will have a chance to ride a horse, see edelweiss flowers, camels, yaks, golden eagles, and watch how local women make Kyrgyz national drink – Kymyz (mare’s milk). This is a remote mountain lake situated on a treeless, high mountain plateau (3016 m) where shepherds bring the livestock in the summertime, establish a camp for living – setting up their yurts. In this magnificent place, you can see hundreds of herds and a lot of different yurts. Dinner and overnight in the yurt camp.


Day 7: Son Kul– Tash Rabat

After breakfast transfer to the Tash Rabat, towards Chinese border. From XI century, the Tash Rabat- Caravanserai was used as a fortress by travelers on the Great Silk Road. Nowadays, this medieval fortress is one of the biggest and complicated stone buildings. It does not have any analogs from Goby desert to Kaspian Sea. Overnight in the yurt (nomadic dwelling).






Day 8: Tash Rabat – Meder’s Yurt Camp

After waking up in your hotel you will be able to pack your bags and be ready to head into one of the wildest places in Kyrgyzstan. First you will cross the Kaingdy pass and enter into the Ak-Sai valley dominated by wild rivers and snow covered peaks. When entering the border zone between Kyrgyzstan and China it’s important to show your passports and border zone permits which will be provided by us.

Once you arrive at the Yurt Camp near Kol Suu we will be greeted by Meder’s family. This is where we will spend the night.


Day 9: Meder’s Yurt Camp – Kel Suu

After a breakfast, we will take horses head up to Kel Suu lake and start to explore the nearby area on foot. Once you arrive at the Kel Suu lake we will be able to see the massive alpine walls that tower over Kel Suu lake. After lunch, we will be able to explore the nearby area and get a feel for the wild nature that is to come. Sleeping in tents.








Day 10: Kel Suu

After taking down the camp we will blow up the pack rafts and start we journey into Kol Suu lake. Countinuing along the Kol Suu lake where we will arrive at a very remote location where we will pitch our tents for the night.








Day 11: Kel Suu – Meder’s Yurt Camp

After breakfast, we will be able to pack your things into the pack rafts again and cross the Kel Suu Lake to the eastern side.

Once we unpack everything then we will start trekking to the Echkiluu Pass (3973m). We will be able to see the amazing Kol Suu lake and some of the wildest nature in Kyrgyzstan. Then we will cross into the Tuyak Boto valley back to Meder’s Yurt Camp where you will spend the night.(3347m)




Day 12: Meder’s Yurt Camp – Ichkili

After an early breakfast then we will start a two-day trekking riding trip into the mountains. we will travel north along

a wild river where we will arrive in a large alpine plateau where we will have a great panoramic view of the area. Lunch will be had from the panoramic point and we will be able to have a clear view of the whole valley. Tonight, dinner will be served next to a large river in the wild at 3.300m altitude where we will be sleeping in tents.



Day 13: Ichkili – Naryn

After breakfast, everyone will be able to pack up their camp and make their way back to Meder’s Yurt camp. We will not cross the same tracks as the day before, but to complete a large circle which will pass though wild valleys. Lunch will be had in the wild and in the afternoon, we will be back at Meder’s Yurt Camp. Then we will go to Naryn City and spend the night at a guesthouse.





Day 14: Naryn – Bishkek

After breakfast, everyone will be able to have a short walk around Naryn city. Naryn is the regional capital of the Naryn Region. The Naryn region is well known for its shepherds and countless herds of animals. Once everyone is ready we will head back to Bishkek. Once you arrive in Bishkek you have the chance to pack your bags and get ready for your flight tomorrow. Your accommodation will be in hotel in Bishkek.






Day 15:  Bishkek – Airport

Transfer to the airport (30 km). End of the tour. 

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